Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What Valentine's Means For Your Fitness

At PPT, we truly love Valentine's Day because it's the greatest fitness mnemonic of the year - reminding us that beach season is just three months away, and that if we're going to look our best for all the travel and outdoor activities coming up, we need to take charge now and make exercise and meal planning priorities.

For many, Valentine's Day is also a key reminder of the importance of physique and confidence in our romantic lives.  After all, date night is a 1000 times better when you're energetic, looking sexy and feeling great about your body.

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With just a little over three months left until the summer season begins, now is the "perfect" time to set specific goals, choose your Perfect Personal Trainer, and feel the incredible confidence of goal-achievement with our 40-Session Commitment Package

With 40 sessions, 
you'll have low-cost sessions in your fitness account, and you can train 3x/week from now through the middle of May, watching the fat melt off and get replaced with strong, sexy muscle tone.

Don't have equipment for in-home training?
You'll never need a home gym with PPT.

Our professionals plan each session based on your changing needs, and we show up with everything required to maximize your results. 

As you get stronger and progress into new territories, we just keep arriving with new equipment for every session. 

Watch Louis' story below!

Arm Sculpting?
Reduce Neck-Fat?
Firmer Buttocks?
Shoulder or Knee Recovery? 

Yes, you can!  Whatever your goal, you can achieve it with PPT's fun but science-driven in-home programs!

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Make Valentine's Day your summer-body launching pad! 
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