Thursday, February 1, 2018

Meal Planning With Cheat Foods

Just imagine... You're losing weight safely, but while still eating the foods that you crave.

What may sound like a gimmicky infomercial is actually the real deal:  PPT clients everywhere are shedding excess pounds and reaching their ideal bodyfat percentages without having to sacrifice their favorite foods and drinks!

"A big misconception in the world of weight loss and metabolic change is that eating 'healthy' equates to losing bodyfat and getting thinner," explains Val Fiott, PPT's Director of Research and Client Services.  "But it isn't quite like that.  If you switch to healthy foods without decreasing your caloric intake, then the switch won't actually shed bodyfat.  It'll still be healthier for your body, of course, but it won't equate to fat loss."

But doesn't a healthier body shed excess weight?

"Not necessarily," continues Val.  "For example, if you ate 500 calories of broccoli instead of 500 calories of pizza, you're certainly doing a world of good for your heart, joints, bones, and muscle tissue - not to mention many other components in the total spectrum of health.  But, at the end of the day, it's still 500 calories of consumption either way, and that's the main aspect of the fat-burning equation. This is why our PPT meal planning can shed bodyfat fast while our clients still enjoy their 'cheat foods' on a regular basis - in the right quantities, the 'cheat foods' can still allow fat loss."

PPT does not suggest unhealthy eating.  We recommend a generally plant-based and organic diet rich in vegetables, fruits and herbs.  We do, however, understand how many clients struggle with dietary change, and so we craft every meal plan to be 100% personalized to the individual's comfort level.

"Meal planning starts with the question, 'Which foods and drinks are you willing to drop entirely, and which ones are you intent on keeping?'" explains Aaron Dunn, long-time physiologist and nutritionist with Perfect Personal Training. "Once we know a client's boundaries, we can swap out the junk food that is less important to them for healthier selections.

"If the protein, carb and fats are being consumed in the right amounts, there is a fast but safe rate of fat loss and muscle gains, even if the foods themselves aren't as desirable as we'd like to see."  

So what does a PPT meal plan look like?

Val elaborates:  "For clients who are open to significant change, we'll help them plan meals rich in coconut oil, flax and fish oil - high omega-3 foods that keep you feeling full and that promote incredible tissue repair and heart health.  This is an especially ideal selection of fats for those who give in to hunger or who have poor immune response or joint health.  Dark, leafy greens round out the carbs and proteins for clients like this, who want optimal nutrition." 

And what about those of us who don't like that type of food?

"This is where the fun stuff comes in!", explains Aaron.  "We literally have clients on meal plans that involve some burgers, pizza and even chocolate if that;s what the client wants.  We're careful to calculate the right amounts of each without letting them have too much of any macronutrient. Surprisingly, it's really not the unhealthy food that makes people overweight, but the amount of it being consumed at one time.  Spacing it out throughout the week is a whole lot better than having to give it up entirely."

What does meal planning with PPT cost?

"For our regular clients... Absolutely nothing!", Val explains with a smile.  "Your health is our business, so clients on our Commitment Package of 40 sessions enjoy free meal planning with us by phone, email or Skype.  For those who are not on a Commitment Package with us, we still offer it complimentary as long as you're meeting with your PPT fitness coach at least three times each week.  For all other valued clients, just purchase a session or two on our website, and we'll use that time for email, phone or Skype for meal planning, to show you exactly what your body needs to look and feel your best!"

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