Wednesday, March 20, 2013

74-Year Old Finds Fitness Success With In-Home Wellness Program

Marcia Closson, PPT Client since 2007
To most, growing older means weaker muscles, weaker bones, a weaker spirit, and a greater number of daily medications. For Detroiter Marcia Closson, the last six years have shown anything but weakness or a reliance on medications. Read her surprising and uplifting story, in her own words:

I first began exercising with Perfect Personal Training in 2007. My husband was already a client, and we learned that both of us could train, together, in our home for the price that he paid in the gym. I had been retired from teaching for two years and had tried Yoga, Pilates, and a general exercise class, but needed a regular exercise program to strengthen bone density and build upper body strength. At that time, I had been taking Fosamax for seven years, and I didn’t have the strength to lift my garage door easily. By 2010, after working with PPT for three years doing strength training and cardio, my doctor took me off Fosamax because my risk of fracture had gone from severe to mild. My bone density test in 2012 showed that my bones are still in the mild or no-risk-of-fracture category although I haven’t taken any medication in two years.
My husband was with PPT for two years before he died of cancer. He had decided to seek no treatment, but to live life as well as he could before his death. During the last year of his life, our Perfect Personal Trainer was a great help in keeping Bob as strong as possible. He was on pain medication for a short time before he passed, but still exercised with Perfect Personal Training three times a week. I am grateful for our very kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable trainer who knew exactly how to help us during this difficult period in our lives.

In 2009, three of my neighbors and I formed a group class. We meet in my basement to train three times a week. The fact that we have a trained, qualified professional planning sessions to meet our specific needs, and that we don’t have to go anywhere far from home to exercise makes PPT very valuable in our lives. Not only have all of us seen a positive change in our strength, balance, and general health, but we also have fun socializing while we train.

My greatest accomplishments since I’ve been with PPT are that I’ve learned how to pursue physical fitness, not just through exercise, but through good nutrition and by eating several small meals rather than three large meals each day. I also know how to control and use my muscles a lot better than I did before beginning my sessions with PPT. I feel healthy and well and am able to lead an active full life at 74 yrs. old.
~ Marcia Closson
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