Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It's easy.

Despite what you hear from other sources, avoiding holiday gains in body fat is no mystery when you take these three simple steps:

1st:  Be sure to be properly hydrated throughout the holidays, especially on days of festive meals.  On non-to-low-exercise days, divide your bodyweight in lbs by two, and then use that number as a minimum number of ounces of water to consume. throughout the day.  Heavy caffeine or sodium users, or those engaging in heavy exercise for over 45 minutes, should consume nearly double that number.  It is also helpful to consume at least 8-10 of those ounces 30 minutes prior to dinner to "feel full" more quickly.

2nd:  Keep track of the foods, drinks, or calories that step outside of your PPT meal plan.  For example, if your target per meal involves 20 grams of protein and you are having extra helpings of turkey, do your best to estimate the amount of excess turkey that you're consuming. Or, if you're indulging in a dessert, spirits, or something entirely outside of your ideal caloric intake, then jot down what you had and keep track of its approximate number of calories.

3rd:  Finally, you'll avoid holiday weight gain by simply burning off the same number of calories that you consumed in excess outside of your regular fitness regimen.  For example, if your tally involves a total of an extra 3500 unplanned calories, then we will devise a plan for you to burn those extra 3500 calories aside from the calories burned in your usual fitness program.  The excess exercise can take the place of longer PPT sessions, more PPT sessions, or a plan that shows you what to do on non-PPT days. (By the way, that extra 3500 calorie example will mean an approximate weight gain of one pound.)

While you might be thinking that these steps aren't entirely "easy", please empower yourself by keeping these in mind:

  • It only takes a moment to drink water, and you can keep track of your intake on your phone
  • If you don't want to look up the calories in your excess foods, then just jot down what you have and we'll determine their caloric content when you're ready to review
  • Your PPT fitness trainer and our clinical wellness team have easy ways for you to know the number of calories being burned through exercise, so you'll know how much extra exercise it will take to return to your former body composition if you indulge beyond what your body needs this holiday season
Ready for more?  For helpful advice that is more specific to staying trim during Thanksgiving Day traditions, we suggest you re-visit this press release article.

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