Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Reasons Why You'll Look Amazing This Summer

You have every reason in the world to look and feel your best this summer!  
After all, you'll be traveling, perhaps by the water, doing physical things...

You'll see people you don't often see...

You'll be at major events....

You're sure to want more energy, right?
So, what's stopping you?

What's keeping you from burning off every undesired inch?

What's preventing you from having a strong posture, toned muscles and a ton of energy?

Before you come up with reasons why you can't, we're going to provide the three big reasons why you positively can:

#1.  You have access to some of the most knowledgeable exercise & health coaches in the industry!  
Your exercise time is precious!  Why waste a minute?  Make your time exercising as effective and as safe as possible with the combined power of your PPT personal fitness trainer and Perfect Personal Training's clinical team of degreed, accredited & certified experts.

#2.  It's not just the exercise itself, but your lifestyle that makes the difference:  This refers to more than just drinking water and trying to "move more".  PPT will create 20 or more tangible suggestions to keep your daily decisions nurturing your fitness goals between workouts, with the specifics that make the difference! 

#3.  With
 thousands of tremendous client successes under our belt, each success story boils down to one critical factor:  Meal planning!
Serious results sometimes involve more than just healthy eating and reducing portion size.  With added advantages such as nutrient timing, protein requirements, and specifics involving types of dietary fat and quantites of carbohydrates, you can give yourself the edge that you may need to get through to the next goal.

The choice is always yours, but if you're willing to learn more about a detailed PPT meal plan then your successes will absolutely soar - and you'll look & feel better than you probably ever have before.
Get the most out of your PPT fitness & wellness program!

Reach Client Services Director Val Fiott at (877)698-3648 ext 7018 to discuss any of these topics and to get the help you deserve.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Procrastination vs Eye on the Prize

There are those who can't wait to get closer to their goals.

And, there are those who "can't" bring themselves to make their dreams a reality.

Let's face it:  We all have fitness or wellness goals that we'd like to achieve, don't we?  If you're already at an ideal body composition and weight, then you likely have other goals that you're working on:  Perhaps you're not getting the 5 days of recommended cardiovascular training each week, or your muscles aren't getting enough exercise volume to keep your bones, metabolism and joints healthy for the long run.  Or, perhaps nutrition is short on the recommendations for vegetable or protein intake.

Whatever your goal, it takes inspiration to make it come to fruition.  So the question is, are you inspired?

Procrastination is the result of viewing your exercise time as an unhappy, unexciting time, acute time. But, that's not really what it is, is it?  After all, each session you complete is another huge step forward!

Remember what your goals will lead to: For example, "I want to lose twenty pounds" just sounds like work... Boring work, frankly,  But that goal might really mean, "I want to have a better sex life and feel more confident." Or, "I want to build muscle" might be more about posture, confidence and energy than it is about the muscles themselves.

After all, we don't seek out fitness and wellness for the sake of themselves, but rather to use them as  keys to better quality living.

Think of the energy you can have each day.

Think of the calmness you'll feel when you're thinner, stronger and healthier all-around.

Imagine looking your best on the boat or when you're traveling this summer.

Maintain a level of  health that minimizes risk for hospitalization in older age

Make a promise to yourself to no longer think of your fitness sessions as "workouts", but rather as steps toward (insert your goal here)

So perhaps you're not just "trying to build muscle" anymore, you're improving metabolism and strengthening the heart & lungs

And, it's not just "weight loss" that you're really after, but a descreased risk for heart disease, arthritis & cardiovascular problems

Our actions can only be as strong as our intentions!  Remembering the big picture of what you're accomplishing is the key to enjoying your fitness program, staying the course, and building an inspiration to succeed.  Remember, you deserve the BEST life possible!  Invest in YOU and keep your eye on the prize!