Monday, June 24, 2013

Are You Eating Right? Take This Test and See!

Is your daily nutrition truly healthy? Take this quick test to see if you're making decisions that will equate to long-term wellness!  Remember, there is always a solution -- our nutritionists are eager to help you get fit and well!

Question #1:
"Is your daily protein intake correct?"

Daily protein intake is essential to healthy eating.  This is the building block of metabolism, muscle function, and postural health throughout the aging process. Your protein intake should be at least 1 gram consumed for every 2 pounds of body weight. For those who exercise at higher intensities and more than three days weekly, this number should be virtually doubled.

Give yourself a point if your daily protein intake is appropriate for you.

Question #2:
"How many servings of fruits or vegetables do you consume on an average day?"
Fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants that are essential for healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. Smaller people require 5-6 servings daily, whereas larger people may need as many as 10 servings.
Give yourself a point if you're consuming an appropriate amount of fruits or vegetables on a daily basis!
Question #3:
"Are you appropriately hydrated?"

Hydration is the key to every component of good health, including weight management. In general, the amount of water a body needs each day (in ounces) is approximately 1/2 of the total bodyweight. For those that consume caffeine, heavy salts, or who sweat more than most due to exercise or weather, this number should be nearly doubled (water in ounces consumed should be equal to bodyweight in pounds).

Give yourself a point if you're staying appropriately hydrated!

Question #4:

"Are you supplementing your diet with additional anti-oxidants?"
Supplements such as multi-vitamins, Resveratrol, vitamin C, CoQ10, Turmeric, and Astragalus are believed to help build the immune system and improve biological processes.

Give yourself a point if you're supplementing with anti-oxidants on a daily basis!
Question #5:
"How often do you consume a meal involving fats, proteins, and carbohydrates?"
The traditional concept of three square meals per day is not ideal for metabolic health and organ function. Our bodies are more optimal when fed four or more times per day, roughly every three hours.
Give yourself a point if you're consuming more than four meals daily, each separated by three hours or more.

Add Up Your Score!
  • If you've scored a 4 or a 5, then you're probably in fairly good nutritional health and making strong choices.
  • If you scored a 3 then you are missing at least two of the major criteria responsible for better living, and we recommend some changes to your nutrition
  • If you scored a 2 or below, then your nutritional health should definitely be improved for long-term health and wellness
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