Monday, January 28, 2013

How Long Will It Take You To Get Fit?

It's almost February!  For many Americans, that New Year fitness enthusiasm has already left, while others are putting in the time and effort, but not including enough fitness/nutrition science to really see the results they are seeking.

So, you might be asking yourself this question: 

How long does it take to get fit? More specifically, how long will it take YOU to get fit?

Just answer these four questions to find out:
  • How fit are you now?
  • How much time will you devote each week?
  • What obstacles might we encounter?
  • How fit do you want to be?

How Fit Are You Now?
Fitness levels are measured in many ways.  Most common and valuable assessments are body composition (ratio of fat weight : muscle weight), aerobic capacity, aerobic endurance, blood pressure, and each muscle's strength.  A Perfect Personal Trainer will be happy to determine your current fitness level, or a "baseline" from which to assess your progress.

How Much Time Will You Devote Each Week?
Only you can answer this question.  Some advice for those who don't feel that they can make enough time for steady exercise includes:  Multi-task -- incorporate some light exercise during phone calls, TV time, and even with the family.  You can also find time to exercise while listening to audio books. And of course, take a bit less time for social connections, and make more time for exercise.  Your social circles are important, but your heart and health should be #1.

What Obstacles Might We Encounter?
Obstacles can be psychological or physiological.  An example of the former would be the desire for inappropriate rewards, such as those rich in unhealthy calories.  An example of the latter would be a health issue (asthma, low back pain, etc) that may, potentially, reduce your rate of fitness progress.

How Fit Do You Want To Be?
See How Fit Are You Now, above.  Let's set some goals involving any of the fitness measurement tools that you read in that list, or involving other criteria, such as cholesterol, reducing arthritic pain, posture, or mobility.

Fitness success all begins with determining your starting point, your goal, and creating a plan that works for your lifestyle.  Call us today at (877)698-3648 or visit to request your free consultation with a wellness professional or personal trainer from Perfect Personal Training.  Whether weight loss, muscle gains, or health issue resolution, a Perfect Personal Trainer and our team of researchers will create your personalized answer!

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