Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Maximizing Your PPT In-Home Wellness Program

At Perfect Personal Training, our team of clinical wellness and fitness experts are committed to offering every client the absolute best in health-risk stratification, longevity, and lifestyle leadership.  We know how to keep a person out of the hospital, energized, unmedicated, attractive and thriving through life's changes - and through our continuum of wellness experts, we deliver that information to every client who wants it. We do understand, however, that many clients prefer simply to work one-on-one with their personal trainer or health coach and to avoid the deeper aspects of meal programming, sleep coaching, and lifestyle coaching outside of their sessions. Still, a few quick, simple reminders here and there can't hurt:

  • Aerobic capacity - The strength of your cardiovascular system is a large determinant when it comes to health-risk factors.  Avoiding the hospital and medications all begins with a large capacity for aerobic work.  PPT providers use several in-home tests to evaluate this risk variable and to track progression or regression.
  • Bone health - Often overlooked, bone mineral density is an important part of the Healthy Aging component.  Brittle bones break easily, leading to hospitalization and lack of mobility.  These, in turn, shorten lifespans and quality of life significantly.  Bone heath is easily maintained or re-developed with the right meal planning and strength program, made up of the right intensities (not just random weights), the right duration and the right modalities.  PPT's clinical research department helps connect these variables to ensure programmatic success and quick progress.
  • Sleep coaching - It might sound unnecessary, but truly deep, effective sleep doesn't happen without first understanding what's involved. Just sleeping 8 hours each night is only the beginning, with much more to learn in order to maximize sleep's benefits on every aspect of prevention.
  • Supplementation - While many have been taught that solid nutrition negates the need for supplementation, the more involved studies just don't find this to be the case in preventing health problems.  With most Americans considered deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin A, potassium, and many other vitamins and rare earth elements, supplementation starts to be more important for these populations.  For those who consume these in safe quantities, other compounds such as resveratrol, anti-inflammatory herbs, and macronutrients such as proteins are generally much lower than is recommended.
  • Posture and balance - Two of the most underrated components to a preventive plan involve posture and balance. Fully protecting your musculoskeletal system is the absolute key to avoiding aches, pains, weakness, low energy and nerve problems, not to mention injuries such as falls or muscle sprains. Regular assessment and corrective exercise, along with the right meal planning, will make your body optimal and greatly reduce risk of unhealthy aging.

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