Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dr Maureen Creal Explains Her In-Home Fitness Program with PPT

Dr Maureen Creal has been a PPT client for nearly one year, starting near the turn of 2015.  She exercises at her home once or twice most weeks with her local PPT professional and has offered to share her experiences in this interview below.  Enjoy the article!

PPT:  How did you feel about exercise and nutrition prior to becoming a PPT client? Were you a regular exerciser?

Dr Creal:  I have never liked exercise. I did many weight loss plans; gym memberships, videos, yoga videos, weights, exercise balls, hula-hoop, etc.. nothing ever really worked or stuck.  As far as nutrition, I tried to keep my caloric intake down, increase protein when I could, and stay away from high-fat or fried foods.  I did not have a plan, just “eye-balled” everything! I was not a regular exerciser, I walk my dogs at a very slow “dog smelling everything” pace.  I never, until now, took steps toward balance.


PPT:  ‎Had you experienced any physical problems or health symptoms as a result
of your former lifestyle that you're willing to share?

Dr Creal:  I often had a stiff neck, back pain, my scapulas were aggressively sticking out (my dad called them my angel wings because they were so pronounced), and I had a hard time standing up straight after laying down/sleeping.  My hips were sore/tight and it took a little bit of time before I was able to stand fully erect.

My weight has remained stable for most of my adult life.  I have fluctuated within 10 lbs since high school.  Although my weight hasn't changed by much, my body shape has changed dramatically.  I have always battled with cellulite.  I was told by many people (Doctors, trainers, friends) that I will not be able to get rid of the cellulite and should learn to deal with it.  I still have some on my thighs but it has significantly decreased since I started working out with PPT!

PPT: That's excellent, Dr Creal!  What led you to initiating a Perfect Personal Training program? Had you considered other wellness groups?

Dr Creal:  I was in pain with my neck and back, was having difficulty standing up straight out of bed and I thought I am too young to have these issues.  Also, I was embarrassed of my body shape and size.  I had stopped wearing shorts and skirts, and would only wear bathing suits around family and close friends.  If I was on vacation I was always covered in a wrap until the very last moment of plunging into the water.

I chose PPT because they come to my home. I know that I cannot count on my own motivation to maintain an exercise routine, let alone drive myself to a workout! With PPT I just have to be home and ready to workout!  [My PPT fitness professional] has always been prompt and ready to go the moment he arrives to my house!

PPT:  Please describe ‎the obstacles that you've faced during your time as a PPT client. Have you felt inertia keeping you from embracing any lessons or fulfilling any of the physical tasks or "homework" exercises?

Dr Creal:  I am my only and biggest obstacle.  I do not like to exercise, although that is slowly changing.  Since the very first workout I noticed improvement.  I was able to get out of my bed without pain and I slept through the night.  My body shape started to show progress within the first month.  At the end of month 2 I went on vacation and wore a swimsuit openly and a skirt out for the evening!

PPT:  What physical improvements have you experienced as a result of your program?

Dr Creal: I am now able to stand up when I get out of bed, my neck has not had nearly as many issues as before, my scapulas have gone down significantly, my body shape is much more tone and fit.

PPT:  What emotional or disciplinary changes have you experienced as a result of your PPT program?

Dr Creal: I just celebrated my 40th birthday and I am proud of how I look and feel.  I am proud of myself after each workout; with my progress and physical looks. I have a better understanding of nutrition and can eat anywhere and have an idea of what to eat to maintain my Fat/Protein/Carb

PPT:  How is your relationship with your Perfect Personal Trainer and health coach?

Dr Creal: He is very kind, knowledgeable and professional! He is on time to each session, ready, prepared with all of the equipment, and appears to be in a good mood! He is patient and supportive. He ensures that I understand why we are doing certain exercises and how they are helping me reach my goal.  He checks in at the beginning and end of each session to make sure
that I understand what I am doing, if I had any changes since our last encounter, and if I know what to do until we meet again.

He also continuously debunks any myths I may have regarding an exercise reason or effectiveness.  He is able to do this in a kind manner while suggesting resources to review to help explain further.

I must say, one thing that is so very important, feeling comfortable and safe is a priority.  My trainer has never touched my body to correct me while exercising or to teach me an exercise.  He has always taught me an exercise by doing it himself first.  If I am doing an exercise wrong or not safe he will demonstrate with his body what my body is doing and how to correct the exercise. I am not against physical contact and know that it may be necessary to teach some things properly.  I think it is amazing and extremely professional that he does what he can by demonstration.

PPT:  Thank you so mucn, Dr Creal.  We appreciate your time and your commitment to your wellness program.  Happy holidays to you!