Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Protein Requirements Defined

The biggest, yet most forgotten, bottom line to achieving a lean, healthy physique is simple: Eat the right amount of protein at the right times of every day. There is no getting around the significance of protein. Protein is necessary for muscle, and muscle = metabolism.

Yes, muscle mass = metabolism!  And protein is essential for muscle mass.

So, what is recommended?  Your protein needs will vary depending upon your exercise's intensity, duration, and frequency, and your Perfect Personal Trainer will be able to help you better craft the specifics.  In general, these three bulletpoints below should give you a good outline regarding your protein needs:

- Get roughly 0.7 - 0.9 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.  Just look at your food labels to determine the numbers of grams of protein that are found in the foods and drinks you're consuming.  If you are very obese, then go as low as 0.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.  Stick to higher numbers (even over 1 gram of protein per pound) if your strength training is taking up more than four hours weekly, and lower if it is minimal (under one hour weekly).

- Divide this daily total by five, and make this new value your requirement per meal, for each of five meals per day. 

- Eat one of these five meals every 3-4 hours.  This way, you have protein coming into your body and building and maintaining muscle tissue throughou the day.

Follow these rules to keep your muscle, battle the normal atrophy that most Americans experience, and elevate your metabolism!  You'll find that in time, you'll have more energy and a healthier physique!

For more, please call us at (877)698-3648 or consult your Perfect Personal Trainer.  Remember, YOU have all the power in the world in creating a lean, strong physique that stays healthy as you age.