Sunday, April 15, 2018

5 Most Surprising Nutrition Concepts

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

From an aid in fat loss to a natural stabilizer for blood sugar levels, apple cider vinegar with mother is a surprising part of almost every PPT meal plan, especially for clients who come to us as diabetics.

Our preventive health programs rely upon the right consumption of proteins, digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria to support the gut and the immune system (80% of which "lives" inside the gut), and apple cider vinegar with mother provides these beautifully!  Mix your dose with spring water for  great way to start your day.

Tap Water vs Tap Water

Sometimes a touchy subject, the debate between spring water and tap water is a bit of a hot button.  While tap water goes through a filtration and assessment process that spring water does not, it also carries fluoride in the United States, which Harvard associates with lower IQ and other studies have associated with some cancers, arthritis, thyroid disease and other health problems.  There are decades of conflicting scientific studies and anecdotal articles debating the values and risks of fluoride and other chemicals found in tap water, and for this reason, many opt for natural spring water or rely on methods of reducing the chemicals in their tap water.

Magnesium Deficiency

Chemical element atomic #12 is magnesium (Mg), and it plays an important part in PPT's personalized preventive health programs.  According to the National Institutes of Health, magnesium plays a role in heart health, muscle and nerve function, and synthesis of DNA, RNA and glutathione.  Our clinical research team has analyzed hundreds of journal articles relating to the need for optimal magnesium intake, and we've found that keeping healthy levels plays a role in preventing anxiety, seizures, dysrhythmias, muscle cramping and other detriments to one's health.

Creatine Supplementation

Consuming supplements is always a tricky topic, as many supplements are either not helpful or are not as helpful as they claim to be safe. In some cases, supplements thought to increase health are actually more harm than good.  Creatine, however, has a great deal of science supporting it. Its consumption, when taken in appropriate doses, helps to sustain or develop muscle tissue and thereby can increase a person's metabolism. It is used in many PPT meal plans, either as a supplement or through foods like tuna and beef.  It has been used for decades to power workouts and to advance strength.  While many claim that people can get all the creatine we need from food, you'd need to consume more than two lbs of tuna or chicken in a day to get a helpful dosing of creatine. For this reason, it is generally taken as a supplement.

The Role of Omega-3s

Consuming too few omega-3s (or too many omega-6s) is an unhealthy dietary habit.  While many studies indicate that disease prevention involves an omega6-to-omega3 ratio of approximately 4:1 or even 1:1, the average American is often consuming ratios of 20:1 or higher.  As with most aspects of human health and disease prevention, there have been conflicting scientific beliefs as to just what that ratio should be, but two generalities are very certain:  (1) As compared to our omega-3 intake, omega-6s are certainly too high for optimal health (2) Deadly diseases in America are on the rise, with new disorders unheard of decades ago now common. There is evidence that the mysteries surrounding these health problems may link back to our excess of omega-6 fatty acids and our limited intake of the healthy omega-3s.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

How To Lose A Muffin Top By Summer in 5 Steps

The time is now.  Whether your plans for summertime involve boats, beaches, weddings or pools, losing the muffin top isn't just a health contribution anymore - it's the difference between sex appeal and self-consciousness.

So, how many sit-ups and crunches will it take to burn off this muffin top once and for all?

None.  Zero.  All the ab exercise in the world won't reduce your waist circumference or eliminate a muffin top. You can improve those muscles beautifully, but the excess fat around them isn't going anywhere without the right personalized plan. (See this video below.)

Your Muffin Top Melting Plan:

  • Cardiovascular training at the right intensities for your resting heart-rate and health factors (PPT will figure these optimal intensities out for you), 4-7 days per week depending upon how bad the muffin top is, for 30-90 minutes at a time (this varies also, and your PPT professional can determine what's BEST for your body's needs and when that should change).  Without this key component, you won't burn many calories from stored fat and your heart won't be strong enough to maximize this next step:
  • Muscle training that progresses properly (same intensities and duration week after week will NOT work).  All of the major muscles need to be trained moderately at first, then very heavily once the joints and heart are healthy enough.  Don't worry about stopping when you hit "the last rep"; most of your muscles need to train to the point where they can no longer safely perform another one.  Everyone's needs a specific to their physiology, but rest assured, muscle training for at least 90 minutes each week is always part of the program.
  • A Meal Plan that (a) provides precisely the right macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) and that (b) is followed with precision.  We determine your macronutrients based on your metabolic rate, your body composition, your amount of lean tissue, and many other factors, and update them as your body changes.  It's imperative that you follow your meal plan closely, as its generally the most important part of your Muffin Top Melting program!
  • Appropriate electrolytes, hydration, omega-3s and antioxidants for your body's specific needs:  You can't burn bodyfat very well without a well-functioning system.  Keeping these ranges appropriate will nourish your body and help it to be a fat-burning machine, incapable of sustaining a muffin top of any kind!
  • Basically the same bed-time every night, and very deep sleep (support with melatonin and essential oils as needed) for at least six hours.  This is critical for hormonal balance and in minimizing chemical stressors.
This might seem like a lot, but there is a very bright light at the end of the hard-work tunnel:

Once you drop the top, your plan changes to the Maintenance Phase, which is tremendously easier and requires NO calorie deficit.  It's a smoother, simpler ride from there on out with more flexibility and wiggle-room for your food intake, your exercise regimen, and your lifestyle habits.

Remember, cherry-picking and "sort of" following your guidelines will lead to disappointment instead of solid success. 

Serious about melting off the muffin top and other excess bodyfat?

Then don't wait for the time to come to you (because it never will).

Instead, make the time, get focused, and know that you can burn that muffin top off forever by just following these 5 steps and staying consistent in each one of them.

Questions about the steps to your muffin top elimination?  Contact Perfect Personal Training, comment below, or call us at (877)698-3648.  Our team can assess your health history, bodyweight, heart-rate, body composition and other important fitness factors to properly identify just exactly what you'll need to make the MOST out of the next 7 weeks (yes, that's all that's left) before Beach Season begins. That way, you avoid fruitless exercises and make the most out of every workout and every food that you put in your mouth.

Our top team of fat-loss experts is always here to help!

Monday, April 2, 2018

5 Ways to Burn Upper-Arm Fat

Here is a question we get nearly every day:

"How can my fitness program burn off my upper - arm fat more quickly?"

Get ready, Beach Season!  PPT's science and research department has evaluated the TOP 5 most important steps to ridding yourself of unsightly, unhealthy excess arm fat so that you can look your BEST when it's time to show more skin:

#5.  Cardio Between Sessions!

Your Perfect Personal Trainer is maximizing the time that he or she has with you each day.  But, just because your session is over doesn't mean your body doesn't need more cardio.  Even while your muscles and core recover from exercise, your cardiovascular system will rarely overtrain if you exercise is once (or even more than once) daily.  Get at least 5 hours each week of fun cardiovascular exercise, between ad in-addition to your PPT sessions.  You'll burn more fat, strengthen your heart and keep your energy levels HIGH between sessions, so the next session is that much more productive!

#4.  Stay Hydrated!

What does this have to do with better arms?  Science shows that exercisers are often dehydrated, and therefore reducing their total output and calorie-burning.  This also leads to poor recovery, which - you guessed it - makes the next workout less effective, also.  It's an endless circle.  Finally, poor hydration leads to hormone imbalances, which slows fat loss and metabolic gain.  Be sure to reach your target numbers for hydration, and call us for health coaching if you don't yet know how much water to drink each day!

#3.  Cut Out Fried Foods and Carbonated Beverages

We're sad, too, but the honest truth is that fried foods, even without the trans fats, and all carbonated beverages are just plain trouble for the fit-minded, even when you're adhering to the right amount of proteins, carbs and fat each day.  With these culprits, even "moderation" decreases holistic function, making your system struggle when it doesn't have to.  People who lose fat more easily do so not just by calorie counting and a personalized exercise plan, but by all-out eliminating the dangerous intake that can only depress your physiology.  Steer clear of these and find less-destructive indulgences if you're serious about thinner, more defined upper arms!

#2.  Increase Your Metabolism

PPT has talked with most of our clients about easy ways to incorporate metabolic boosters into their lifestyles, and we can do the same for you!  From cold showers to deeper-sleep strategies to consuming cinnamon or green tea, there are hundreds (or possibly thousands?) of simple tricks to improve metabolism and lose fat more quickly.  Each one on their own is a small contributor, but if you take the time to incorporate ten, maybe twenty of these into most of your days, your resting metabolism will start to rev up pretty nicely, and that will show in your bodyfat percentage as well as in your upper arm definition!

#1.  Follow Your Macronutrients!
This is what is all comes down to, friends!  The absolute #1 way to burn off that excess fat around the arms isn't even exercise-related (though that's important too!):  It stems from your diet more than anything else!  As you know, we ALL have our own macronutrient needs, based on our weight, types of exercise, duration of exercise, lifestyle choices, diagnoses, metabolism, and fitness goals.  Everything you put into your mouth makes a difference either toward bodyfat loss or bodyfat gain.  

If you don't already know the right quantities for YOU, then let's solve the riddle and empower you to consume the right amounts each day. You'll be THRILLED with what the right macronutrients will do for your upper-arm fat, your confidence, your long-term health, and for everything "you"!

Comment, contact or call us today - PPT is here to help!

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