Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Refuse An Unhealthy Lunch

We've all been there:  You're about to eat out with a friend or colleague and he or she suggests something that doesn't fit into your nutrition ideals.

"Let's get pizza", is enthusiastically suggested.  Or, "let's just get McDonald's since we're low on time."

Sound familiar?  Resisting the pressure of grabbing an unhealthy bite is a two-step process. Before you can object to the other party, you first have to object to yourself.

Start by re-iterating your fitness and wellness goal to yourself.  If your plan is to lose 15 pounds of excess fat, then remind yourself that this is a realistic and very achievable goal if you avoid temptations like this one.  You won't reach your goal until decisions like this are under your control.  As you catch yourself focusing on the taste or convenience being offered, quickly shift your thinking to how deeply this will impede your progress.

Then, object to your other party in a way that will best resonate with their own mentality and belief system.  Here is what we mean:

Does this person personally support your weight loss?  If so, then simply state, "It will slow down my weight loss, can we choose something else?"

If this person isn't generally supportive, then just rely on an excuse like, "I'm not in the mood for that" or "I'm actually really craving (insert healthier food here)."  People who don't show support for your weight loss efforts often will show support for moods, cravings or impulse.


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Are you dealing with rushed meals, large groups, or last-minute food decisions?  If the social pressures are just too great, then the next step is to find healthier and lower-calorie solutions in even the worst eating environments.  The PPT family is happy to work with you on a personalized basis to plan precise meals for local restaurants, and to show you how to make fair decisions in even the least healthy scenarios.  This may sound foreign, but fit, lean clients everywhere are implementing these strategies and keeping their waistlines where they want them to be.

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