Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cardio on the Same Day As Strength Training?

"Personal trainers worldwide are giving terrible advice," explains Val Fiott, Client Services Director for Perfect Personal Training and Certification Committee Member for the American Council on Exercise.  "They're commonly telling clients to avoid cardiovascular conditioning on their strength training days and vice versa, and this isn't just bad advice - it's harmful to their wellness programs."

Cardiovascular conditioning, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, is recommended five days per week, for at least 20 minutes at a time at moderate to high intensities for those with minimal risk factors.  Muscular training is recommended at least twice per week, incorporating all major muscles.

"Given these guidelines, a person needs exercise at least seven times per week to be as healthy, statistically, as he or she can be.," Val elaborated. "Weight loss and body toning often require even more training days, especially if nutrition can't always be ideal. So, there is clearly a big need for many people to fit in cardiovascular work on the same days as strength training."

But is it safe?

"Absolutely.  As long as each workout begins with an appropriate, gradual warmup and ends with a proper cool-down followed by flexibility conditioning, there is absolutely nothing dangerous or counterproductive about training your cardiosystem on the same days as your muscles.  The real danger lies in failing to reach the appropriate amount of cardio and strength work each work.  In fact, you'll get your metabolic engine burning even brighter as a result of combining cardio and strength into the same days as time allows.  Just be sure to stay hydrated according to industry guidelines, consume appropriate proteins, carbs and fats about every three hours, and to be well-rested."

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