Sunday, February 21, 2010

The TV Workout -- Part Three: Cardiovascular

Hello, Readers!

We have important news for you: The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that cardiovascular exercise be performed at least five days per week for 20-60 minutes at a time. This helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol while promoting a stronger heart and lungs. This form of exercise doesn't have to be boring. Here are some great ways to burn bodyfat and improve cardiorespiratory health while watching movies and TV, right at home:

Marching in Place -- Alternate from one leg to the other, raising your knee up high and maintaining a neutral posture. Do not continue if this causes back pain. You can also step forward and backward with this movement or swing your arms with it for a more intense workout.

Jumping Jacks -- If your knee, hip, and ankle joints are in good health, then consider putting bouts of jumping jacks in your cardiovascular training. You can modify intensity by changing the height of your jumps or the range of movements of your arms or legs.

Kicks -- Stand on one leg and perform repeated kicks with the other. Or, alternate from one leg to the other while you continue. For greater intensity, kick higher or hold your arms out to the side while you kick.

Side Kicks -- Stand on one leg and kick out to your right or left. This is an unusual movement, so attempt it lightly at first. Eventually, you can kick higher and with more force if you are feeling comfortable and not experiencing any knee or hip trouble.

Punching -- Stand with your legs at about shoulder width for a strong base of support. Alternate from one arm to the other as you punch straight in front of you. Do not fully extend your arms at the end of each movement, as it may damage your elbows.

Back Kicks -- Stabilizing your hands on a couch or table, bring one leg back behind you. Act slowly at first, and gradually increase the movement over time.

Jogging in Place -- This is another great way to exercise your cardiovascular system. This may be abrasive, so avoid any heavy stomping and discontinue if your knees or hips feel painful.

We hope this helps! As always, we encourage you to consult your Perfect Personal Trainer with questions, or to call us at (877)698-DO-IT (3648). Stay healthy and strong!