Friday, January 2, 2015

Life-Saving Fitness Programs for 2015

Your exercise, nutrition and daily lifestyle habits are among the most important aspects of your being.  Health and happiness don't happen by chance - they're products of the decisions you're making each day.

If you're one of the many who believe that good health is simply the absence of immediate, in-the-now illness, then you're probably headed for some serious (but avoidable) health problems.  See this list of our top five way that a scientific fitness and wellness program can save your life!

#5:  Reduce risk for cancer and immune disorders

While cancer has its mysteries, there is no question that keeping a consistently strong immune system is key to cancer prevention. Health science shows us that a strong immune system is the result of the right doses of water, aerobic exercise, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. A PPT health coach and our clinical wellness team are eager to help you craft a cancer-preventive lifestyle!

#4:  Provide energy and mental clarity throughout the aging process

Is it hard getting out of bed or making it through your day?  While some occasional lethargy is to be expected in even the healthiest individuals, consistent weakness and poor energy aren't just unproductive ways to live your life, but they're signs of inefficient energy systems and heart and muscular health.  Statistically, persons with low tolerance for activity and weak energy systems generally show an increased likelihood for hospitalization later in life, as well as a higher mortality rate.

#3:  Prevent poor gait and balance problems

Healthy, safe movements perpetuate themselves:  Those who walk with long strides and a healthy posture continue to do so, whereas people with poor posture and stride perpetuate less effective and more risky daily motion.  From bone health to spinal health to heart health, it's all connected and it all relates to longer, healthier living.  Even the common balance problems of the elderly can be easily avoided with the right cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and core conditioning throughout our years.  Minimize risk for injuries and premature death with a simple but effective PPT health program - right in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

#2:  Protect your joints and spine

While our joints can't last forever, the body has an amazing ability to protect and maintain its joints (including those of the spinal column).  However, it won't be able to do so without the right care.  Nourishment, full range-of-motion exercise and appropriate sleep and hydration are essential to keeping the joints pain-free and functional.  Even in the very elderly, the right movement science and daily habits will protect and maintain even the largest, most-used articulations of the body.

#1:  Prevent heart attack or stroke later in life

Younger people rarely have concerns regarding heart health.  But, giving your heart and lungs the appropriate exercise and nutrition now will greatly influence health outcomes of the future.  Why risk your health and comfort later in life when you can make simple changes now to minimize risk?  The American College of Sports Medicine has demonstrated, through repeated clinical examination, that roughly 5-6 days of cardiovascular conditioning each week for 20 minutes or more at moderate to high intensities is part keeping the many factors of the heart strong.  But, that's just the tip of the iceberg, as sleep variables, stressors and other factors are also key.

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