Sunday, September 25, 2016

How My PPT Program Saved My Life

Jan Moore first came to Perfect Personal Training in 2013, after a series of life-threatening health problems. If you've ever believed that your mortality is pre-determined, then think again! Jan is a shining example of the power of a top wellness program.

What brought you to ‎beginning your PPT home wellness program?
Health issues primarily motivated my PPT enrollment.  I have had breast cancer, a heart attack and a stroke – the “big three” – so I knew that I needed to emphasize my health if I was to increase my chances of survival.  My cancer was 7 years prior – and my heart attack 2 years prior – but I had just recovered from the stroke when I began PPT.  My godchild had exercised with my PPT provider, Kristin – and highly recommended her for knowledge, technique and motivation.  

Do you mind telling us a bit more about your health conditions?
As referred to previously, I have battled (and won) the “big three” illnesses.  I still have residual pain from the breast surgeries and radiation.  When I began PPT, I was limited on the intensity of my exercise, as my heart still had not recovered from the heart attack.  As a matter of fact, at that time my cardiologist gave me a stress test showing multiple PVCs, which is life-threatening.   (That was also a major motivator for getting my body in better shape.)  Finally, I was still experiencing pain and swelling in my left leg – a residual from the stroke, I assume.  

Were you a regular exerciser before your PPT membership?
As I had not done any type of exercise regimen in years – and never lost the 30 pounds that I gained when I quit smoking – I was in terrible physical shape.  Plus, I was a junk food junkie. In other words, I was doing everything wrong. When I began working with Kristin,  I purchased group sessions so that I could laugh and joke around with my friends.  I was too embarrassed by my poor body shape & lack of flexibility – so I tried to clown around to cover up my ineptitude.  Kristin was incredibly tolerant – and, with her subtle guidance (as well as the realization that the sessions were actually starting to make me feel better), I finally realized that I needed to take my health seriously.  Thus, a couple months after I began, I switched to private sessions – and we began seriously addressing my individual needs. 

Please describe what you like most about your PPT program.
About six months after Kristin and I began the private sessions, I saw my cardiologist again – and my multiple PVCs had been reduced to a single PVC.  So, my heart condition was no longer imminently disastrous.  And, six months after that visit, I had another cardiology checkup which showed no PVCs at all.  So, I suppose the thing I like most about my PPT program is that it saved my life.  Kristin has been the catalyst for not only changing my body shape and flexibility – but also my healthy diet and my total outlook on life.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Is there anything about your PPT program that you do not like or that you find difficult?
Every session, I find the extra reps and new exercises difficult.  But, I know that I will conquer that obstacle – and move onto the next.  Not since I was a teenager (and tried to participate in high school sports) did I actually attempt to push my limits.  I know the workouts are going to be difficult – especially since I am now trying to work with weights to increase my muscle (and fill in some of the loose skin from losing 50 pounds of body fat).  But I also know that I will push past the temporary “plateau” – and it will be worth all the effort.
Does your PPT provider provide homework for days where you are not meeting?
Kristin has been a vital force in my getting out and exercising on a regular basis.  From my first session until now, she has helped me make tremendous strides.  I am no longer a couch potato.  I volunteer at places like the Zoo, so that I will get lots of walking and bending.  In addition, Kristin was the catalyst for my losing 50 pounds – for months, she would patiently go over my daily logs of food & make suggestions.  Finally, healthy eating became second nature – a major accomplishment.  In other words, Kristin has been my life coach as well as my exercise coach – and has been instrumental in turning my life around.  We still make a list of the daily stretches and exercises that I need to do before the next session, but we also discuss the nutritional and well-being aspects of my life that I need to work on.  In other words, yes, there is a lot of homework for days when we do not meet.
Please describe your PPT success(es) so far. How did you feel as you accomplished them?

  • I covered the PVC elimination above – which was the most critical of the accomplishments.  
  • My left leg, which was affected by the stroke, rarely swells and no longer has pain – (there is) another major accomplishment.  
  • My weight has gone down from 187 to 148.  But, an important item to me is that we were able to do exercises that minimized the residual excess skin that covered all that extra fat – so I don’t have huge rolls of excess skin all over my body (since I’m 66 & my skin is not as resilient as it was in my youth).  My measurements at my last assessment showed that I had reduced fat mass from 76 pounds to 50 pounds – and reduced the size of my body 2 inches (arm) to 8 inches (abdomen).  
  • Flexibility has gone from average to excellent – as has endurance.

    Actually, it was a long, hard struggle for me – but Kristin has been my inspiration and encouragement.  With her help, I was able to appreciate even the small steps that I sometimes accomplished – and revel in the large steps that materialized over time.
Jan, were there times that you doubted your ability to achieve your health and wellness? 
Most definitely – I totally doubted my ability to achieve anything when I first began with PPT.  After the news of the PVCs, I was sure I was going to die at any time – but I decided I had nothing to lose if I tried to live a healthier, fitter life in the meantime.  Although I took the whole exercise/fitness/weight idea extremely lightly at first, working with Kristin helped me to realize that there was a glimmer of hope for turning my body and life around.  When I began to take the workouts and advice seriously, Kristin and PPT were able to turn that glimmer of hope into a world of sunshine.  I now dare to look forward to the future with a fitter body and mind.  

That's outstanding!  How would you say your in-home PPT provider‎ helps you most?

What has helped me the most is that Kristin is my life coach as well as my fitness coach.  She has helped me with every single aspect of my life – and has expanded my horizons and enhanced my outlook on life.  Through her encouragement for achieving my exercise goals (both during and between sessions), my nutritional goals and my life goals – I am physically and mentally improved.  Eating habits and outside activities have enhanced the benefits from the regular exercise regimen – so I am achieving a total body and mind makeover.  We’re not there yet – but results so far are extremely encouraging.  

Do you have any message or advice for your peers who may be considering an in-home health and wellness program?
Advice would be for the prospective clients to give the PPT program a try – even if you have doubts about what you might be able to accomplish.  And don’t give up in the beginning, when things don’t move along as quickly as you hoped or expected – you’ll be amazed what a long-term commitment to your health and life can accomplish.  Finally, try to consider the program as a life change, not just exercise – nutrition and attitude are just as important as physical exercise in achieving long-term goals.

Thank you so much for your time and honesty, Jan!  We appreciate you and your telling your incredible story! Good luck to you always!

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

3 Easy Steps Toward Healthy Joints

While the topic of joint health & maintenance may sound like a mystery that we have little control over, the deep world of the health sciences has demonstrated that not only do we have great control over our joint mobility, but that solutions are simpler than most of us believe.

Below are three easy steps toward maintaining or improving joint health:

(3) Condition your joints & the muscles around them to maintain healthy ranges of motion.  

Think of it this way:

Every joint in your body has a norm when it comes to assessing its mobility.  Your Perfect Personal Trainer and our Client Support team are happy to show you those norms for each major joint.  Through strength and flexibility conditioning, we can assess each joint to determine whether it is moving normally or showing some limitations.  Limitations are easily corrected through a deeper level of exercise programming to achieve steady progress until that joint reaches its normal range of motion again.

(2) Keep your intake of joint-related vitamins & fatty acids appropriate for your body weight.

Calcium, omega-3's, vitamin D, glucosamine, MSM, and many other substances have been found to aid the joints either directly or indirectly.  By consuming the recommended dosages nutritionally, joints are likely be healthier, less painful, and to provide for longer-lasting, larger movements.  Best of all, a healthy, well-nourished joint can better support the body weight pushing onto it or pulling against it.  Even without appropriate exercise, the right nutrition choices in the right doses for you can aid the joints in what they naturally require.

(1) Consume the proper amount of water for your body weight and activity level.

We all have different hydration needs.

The heavier or more active we are, the more water intake the body requires.  Sodium intake, time in the sun or cold, caffeine and other factors also play a large role in determining the appropriate amounts of water that the body needs to be healthy and live a long life. Medical conditions and pharmaceuticals are also factors that increase or decrease that value.  By adhering to what your daily water needs likely are, you'll be more likely to provide for your joints and keep them healthy longer.  A dehydrated body has weaker joints, as well as weaker muscles and bones.

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