Thursday, July 2, 2015

Four Weeks To Fast Body-Toning

Throughout our decade-long history, PPT has provided you with very specific advice on each step to successful body toning.  For those of you already involved in PPT programs with out top personal fitness trainers, you're probably already aware of your body's own specific requirements for success.

With most of you eager to get out of town and enjoy the holiday weekend, we'll boil it all down to the major bulletpoints -- a checklist, if you will, in today's post.  If you aren't taking these steps, you're unlikely to be creating the sexy, energetic, youthful physique that you deserve in life.


#1.  The muscle training is only part of it - the cardiovascular conditioning and nutrition are what will burn the majority of the fat inside and surrounding each muscle so that your definition can be exposed and seen!

#2. Your muscle training needs to be progressive, with the proper intensity for that phase of your program, along with the appropriate amount of time spent on each muscle group.  Rest periods, re-hydration, and muscle stretching are also critical and require appropriate decisions.  Generally, 3-4 days per week of about an hour of strength training will achieve defined, healthy, strong muscles.

#3.  Nutrition isn't just about healthy choices, but rather the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates (energy) and proteins.  Eating every three hours to your specific needs will fuel your body and allow for muscular growth.  Getting too much of anything will turn into bodyfat, hide your muscles and slow your progress, so the right meal planning is as critical as it is rare.

#4.  Sleep is truly important for muscular development and fat-burning around the muscles.  In addition to getting the recommended 7-8 hours each night, supplement with melatonin, magnesium, tryptophan and other natural sleep-quality aids to improve the value of REM cycles the depth of your slumber.
This is a significant part of toning muscles and keeping metabolism high.

#5.  Minimize alcohol to avoid unwanted calories which will turn into fat, and avoid excess salts, energy drinks, and high doses of caffeine to protect your nervous system and keep your body clean.

There you have it!  Just four weeks of following this advice is sure to improve your muscle tone significantly, while burning excess fat to show off those great new muscles.  Remember, progression and specifics are key to success, so you aren't wasting your time on decisions that aren't helpful.

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