Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Easy Changes For Better Health

Between career, family and other daily responsibilities, making the change to healthier living often eludes most Americans. 

While an hour of cardiovascular exercise each day may be an understandably difficult task, some of the lifestyle changes that are rather simple and easy to administer are also falling by the wayside for many.  

Perfect Personal Trainers Aaron Dunn, Val Fiott & Chris Little put together this list of easy adjustments for a longer, healthier life:

#5:  Drink Green Tea:  "This is a really easy one," explains Little, PPT nutritionist and athletic trainer.  "Just a few cups a day have demonstrated heart health, reduced systemic inflammation and better hydration. You don't have to drink it hot either! Make a big pot and put it in the fridge for the rest of the week for convenience."

#4:  Use Phone Time For Exercise:  "I love this lifestyle change because it doesn't take up any additional time," says Fiott, longtime PPT operations & client services director and health coach.  "When you're on the phone, you have every reason to stretch, walk, or even perform light core exercises, squats, or side-steps.  It's a great way to boost metabolism and keep your muscles and mind sharp without taking extra time out of your busy day."

 #3:  Cut Desserts In Half:  You can still have the dessert!  Just mitigate the damage by cutting it in half and chewing your food slowly.  You'll still enjoy having the taste in your mouth, but with half the excess calories, half the excess sugar and only half the systemic inflammation. It's a fair compromise between health and indulgence and a step in the right direction.

#2:  Use TV Time For Core Exercise:  "Most Americans don't have the strong, supportive core function needed for injury prevention and improved performance," explains Dunn, certified fitness trainer and scheduling manager with PPT.  "In the time it takes to watch a half-hour program, you can also get an exceptional core workout without any fitness equipment. It won't take away from your viewing pleasure or work up too much of a sweat, either!"

and, the number 1 way to enhance health with a simple lifestyle change:

#1:  Improve Your Sleep:  Our biggest recommendation for effective lifestyle change is to ensure that your sleep quality & quantity are optimal.  More & more studies are linking this to improved health, longer life & greater capacity for exercise. This means reaching at least seven hours each night of deep, restful sleep with no light, TV, or other distractions. Preferably, you're sleeping on your back and supplementing with 2-3 grams of melatonin about two hours before going to sleep.  Other natural sleep aids include herbs such as chamomile, Valerian extract, passion flower & hops.  We strongly recommend that you avoid unnatural sleep drugs entirely & discontinue caffeine intake after 4:00pm.

These are just a few examples!  Meet with a top PPT health & wellness coach at your home, by phone, or over Skype or email.  Together, we'll set goals & create substantial lifestyle change for healthier living, weight management & improved fitness.  

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