Monday, July 2, 2012

Top 5 Summer Supplements

There is more and more talk in the media regarding the need for supplementation:  Whether it's herbology for preventive health, synthetic supplements claiming to boost metabolism, or protein supplements to make up for shoddy nutrition, health stores offer a wide variety of pills, capsules, and drinks to supplement our intake. Some demonstrate great benefits... Others do not.
Below are Perfect Personal Training's top selections regarding supplementing for joint health, cardiovascular health, brain health, and more!  Please keep in mind that everyone's needs are different, and that you should consult your Perfect Personal Trainer and your MD to better personalize your nutrition and supplementary decisions.

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Coenzyme Q10 is absolutely essential to strong cardiovascular health.  Found in every cell of the body, studies have demonstrated that CoQ10 reduces risk for Parkinson's and heart disease, and helps to manage hypertension as well as chest pain.  Studies also demonstrate that it plays a hand at preventing coronary artery disease as well as macular degeneration and migraine headaches.  It even tempers symptoms of gum disease and fibromyalgia.

Boron is found in very small amounts in our American soil, and contributes to improved joint health.  Other countries with more boron-rich soil generally show to have smaller incidence of arthritic symptoms.  For an incredible article on Boron & Arthritis, click here.

Boswellia is often demonstrated to be a helpful anti-inflammatory, which will help in keeping joints more pain-free.  Often taken in doses of 200-250 mg 2-4 times daily, boswellia is a regular part of most joint pain therapies.

Cinnamon is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice, but we usually don't get as much as our bodies can really use through diet alone - even if that diet is heavy in cinnamon. This is a great reason to add this supplement to your regimen, and take bigger advantage of its preventive health abilities.  A couple of simple capsules each day are believed to help detoxify blood and improve cardiovascular functioning, while reducing inflammation.

And, lastly, Turmeric is something we've talked about in previous blogs, noting its anti-cancer properties and ability to calm systemic inflammation.  It's historical use spans thousands of years, and is a noteworthy part of any herbal, holistic formula to improve overall health and longevity.

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Have a safe & healthy Independence Day, from all of us at Perfect Personal Training!