Saturday, March 10, 2018

3 Steps To Fast Motivation

The difference between lean, toned, seemingly-have-it-all people and those who struggle with fitness is not a giant leap.

When you barely want something to happen, it doesn't happen.

When you somewhat want something to happen, it doesn't happen well.

But, when you crave something... That's where the sacrifices stop feeling like sacrifices and start feeling like empowerment.

In fact, the steps to having a lean, trim body - to awesome muscle toning - to high energy levels and to an upbeat, confident personality, are all less critical than what we really need:

Motivation, at your fingertips, to keep your eye on the prize and moving forward through any obstacle!

Didn't sleep well?  Worked late?  Stomach upset? Problems at home?

These 3 steps to fast motivation will help you dig deeper, think clearer, and keep your health & fitness first:

#3. Remember The Consequences!

Remember how bad your back felt when you went a week without a fitness session?

Remember how lethargic you feel when you over-eat?

Remember the family member who suffered a heart attack?

Decisions have consequences, but we sometimes remember these too little too late. 

Take two minutes now to make your own personalized list of consequences to avoid, and put it in your car, or in your phone or on the refrigerator... Anywhere to keep you reminded of what you avoid by sticking to your fitness and wellness program.

#2. Positive Self-Talk!

It's important to turn negative self-talk into positive.  

While you might think, "My trainer's coming over and now I have to exercise when I'd rather watch TV", the other side of the coin is the one to focus on: 

"I'm so proud that instead of doing something fruitless, I'll be exercising, feeling great and taking steps toward a better life."


"My fitness session is less than an hour, and I get so much done for myself in that time."


"I know that every time I work out, I'm keeping my heart strong and my cholesterol healthy."

Statements like these encourage positive behaviors and will improve your mood during those healthy behaviors.  

PPT health coaches recommend actually declaring positive talk such as this out loud, multiple times. 

The more you say and think it, the easier it will be to make the right choices.

And, the number 1 step to FAST MOTIVATION is.......

#1. Keep Your Eye On the Prize!

This is the most commonly-used phrase at Perfect Personal Training, and with GOOD REASON!

The only way to achieve a goal is to stay focused on that goal and respect the steps it takes to get there!

You're not exercising to perform walking lunges, dead-lifts or shoulder-presses....

You're exercising to reach your personal fitness goals, and to make your heart, bones and joints healthy.  Whatever your goals are, they have been accomplished by others and can be accomplished by YOU!

Perfect Personal Trainers often recommend that you keep pictures available of what you want to look like (or of what you used to look like). 

Keep them by your bed or in the room where you exercise, or even in your purse, wallet or phone. 

We also suggest that you keep other incentivizers, such as any previous and favorable medical records or bodyfat scores, or a pair of pants you'll fit back into. If it's emotive, it can be a tremendous motivator for your success!

It's time to get serious, get motivated, and get fit!! 
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Rid Yourself of Love Handles in 4 Steps!

With Valentine's Day well behind us, PPT is shifting the topic from Love to Love Handles as summer nears and we "firm up" our body toning and weight loss goals!

But don't struggle to drop the unhealthy and unsightly pounds; getting rid of love handles is no mystery for the Perfect Personal Training family and our top fitness and weight management educators.  

Here are the 4 big steps necessary to trim your mid-section and look your BEST without the extra "Love":

#4Longer Periods of Cardio

While it's true that short periods of high-intensity exercise can boost metabolism and build muscle quickly, losing the love handles is a different story:  Many bodies require at least 40 or more minutes to see quick fat-burning here.  Depending upon your carbohydrate intake and total exercise frequency, you might not be burning fat until the 20th or 25th minute of cardio, so we'll need 40 or more minutes to ensure that we're being productive and QUICK.  

#3. The Right Sleep

Sleep is where your muscles and hormones get what they need to lead to successful fat loss.  Have you ever really known anyone who was very consistently fit but who had poor sleep habits? Probably not! 

Sleep in absolute darkness, avoid electronics for 30 minutes before bed, and keep the same bedtime and wake-time throughout the week to maximize your sleep quality and improve your body's fat-burning abilities!

#2.  Macronutrients & Meal Planning

Sorry, but eating "healthy", alone, won't help you lose the love handles. If you're not familiar with macronutrients (or "macros" as they are commonly called), then it's important to know that everyone's "macros" are different, and that this term refers to the optimal amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that a person needs, based on many different factors.  We can't just think about your total calories if we're going to be successful:  We have to count your intake of these three macros and plan your intake accordingly.

Sounds hard?  We'll lead the way to make it easy.  This is truly an essential part of burning off the love handles and getting your mid-section sexy and slim! 

PPT Meal Planning is free with our 40-Session Commitment Package (or charged at the regular rate per session for those not on a Commitment.)

#1.  Consistent, Proper Strength Training

There is just no getting around it, friends: Your resting metabolism (the number of calories you burn to stay alive) is lower than it needs to be if you're not getting targeted, science-driven fitness sessions at least three or four times per week. 

This means consistency (making up for vacations, sick days, etc), the right intensity (usually 65-85% of your capacities), the right rest periods, and the right combination of exercises.  

What's stoppoing you?  Your Perfect Personal Trainer and our clinical research team have your answers to make each decision optimal!  

We're committed to your transformation!  Comment or contact us with questions so that we can take this information and apply it to your lifestyle, your needs, and your goals.

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