Sunday, September 4, 2016

3 Easy Steps Toward Healthy Joints

While the topic of joint health & maintenance may sound like a mystery that we have little control over, the deep world of the health sciences has demonstrated that not only do we have great control over our joint mobility, but that solutions are simpler than most of us believe.

Below are three easy steps toward maintaining or improving joint health:

(3) Condition your joints & the muscles around them to maintain healthy ranges of motion.  

Think of it this way:

Every joint in your body has a norm when it comes to assessing its mobility.  Your Perfect Personal Trainer and our Client Support team are happy to show you those norms for each major joint.  Through strength and flexibility conditioning, we can assess each joint to determine whether it is moving normally or showing some limitations.  Limitations are easily corrected through a deeper level of exercise programming to achieve steady progress until that joint reaches its normal range of motion again.

(2) Keep your intake of joint-related vitamins & fatty acids appropriate for your body weight.

Calcium, omega-3's, vitamin D, glucosamine, MSM, and many other substances have been found to aid the joints either directly or indirectly.  By consuming the recommended dosages nutritionally, joints are likely be healthier, less painful, and to provide for longer-lasting, larger movements.  Best of all, a healthy, well-nourished joint can better support the body weight pushing onto it or pulling against it.  Even without appropriate exercise, the right nutrition choices in the right doses for you can aid the joints in what they naturally require.

(1) Consume the proper amount of water for your body weight and activity level.

We all have different hydration needs.

The heavier or more active we are, the more water intake the body requires.  Sodium intake, time in the sun or cold, caffeine and other factors also play a large role in determining the appropriate amounts of water that the body needs to be healthy and live a long life. Medical conditions and pharmaceuticals are also factors that increase or decrease that value.  By adhering to what your daily water needs likely are, you'll be more likely to provide for your joints and keep them healthy longer.  A dehydrated body has weaker joints, as well as weaker muscles and bones.

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