Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Age & Stubborn Weight

PPT's research department loves getting to the absolute truth about what control we truly have over our bodies.  

"I hate to see people struggle," explains Val Fiott, Director of Client Services and Clinical Research.  "We're taught to believe that we have little control over our weight or our muscles, and it's a shame.  I want everyone to maximize their happiness, and at PPT, we've been fortunate to discover the incredible tools that that takes!"

Great! So, how exactly do we get rid of the stubborn excess flab that just won't burn off from exercise and diet?

"Are you ready for the truth?  Any excess fat will burn off from the right plan!" says Val.  "Our most successful clients let us rely on periodization, where we're updating our strategies and really targeting the specifics.

"And, our exercise plan has to chase the variables in order to make your body increasingly more fat-burning."

What do you mean when you say "chase the variables"?

"The biggest problem I see when people come to us for weight loss is that they think a routine is the answer. But, when routines don't update properly from session to session, the body gets stagnant.  When I say 'chase the variables' I'm referring to the very details that make up a fitness program:  Each selected intensity, the amount of time spent on an exercise, the amount of time spent at rest, the rhythm of the exercise, the intervals we create, and many other factors... There is an awful lot of decision-making that goes into an optimal program.  Each variable needs consistent change, and the right kind of change.  People generally don't do that, so their progress is minimal without the right coach."

And how does age slow down the process?

"It's not really age," Val begins, "but rather the way we tend to let our lifestyles change our hormones and metabolism.  Unhealthy decisions add up!  A thirty-year-old has generally made fewer strikes against their body, so to speak, than a ninety-year-old, but it's not age, it's how you're living.  I see people in their twenties who have slowed their metabolisms and whose lifestyles create severe hormone imbalances.  That will really impede weight loss.  On the other hand, I can show you people in their 70s and 80s who look and feel amazing, with no excess fat whatsoever.  It's not age, it's the precision of your program."

So will adding variety to a fitness program make a big difference?

"I wish it were that simple, but we won't be successful if we add variety for the sake of adding variety.  The decision has to be valid to be optimal. For example, using a superslow strategy with less range-of-motion can be excellent for some clients, and a waste of precious time for others.  It depends on a lot of things that relate back to muscle response and even genetic muscle-fiber type.  I always encourage our clients and fitness coaches to contact me to discuss their programs, so we can explore every avenue and ensure that every last pound gets shed!"

Aren't some of us just hopeless, though? Like our bodies are just done losing weight and this is how it is?

"Of course not!", Val smiles. "When we get the meal planning and hormones right, improve a few lifestyle factors, and just do the 'detective-work' as needed, nothing stops anyone.  In my 20+ year career, I've never seen anyone fail who followed an accurate, in-depth plan like ours - not one person. "

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