Monday, December 8, 2014

Finding Fitness Motivation!

We've all been there:  You want something, but don't necessarily feel up to putting in the work or making the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.

Fitness and preventive health require more than occasional discipline.  They require consistency and a feeling of inspiration to accomplish each exercise session and make those important daily decisions for steps forward instead of backward.

Perfect Personal Trainer Aaron Dunn explains, "First, you need to want the outcome more than you want the inertia," explains Aaron.  "If you're more passionate about that extra hour of work than you are the hour of exercise, you'll miss your workout.  You have to really want your goal and have a way to remember that each day."

Client Services Director and ACE Health Coach Val Fiott elaborates, "One helpful tool is to keep a photo readily available of when you were at your desired fitness level.  Or, if you haven't yet gotten there at any point in the past, have a photo available of a celebrity or friend or someone who reminds you of just how fit and healthy you really want to be."

Patrick Liddle, long-time Perfect Personal Trainer and life coach, suggests making a list of pros and cons.  "When you begin your wellness program, actually write out all the reasons to exercise, to eat right, to go to bed at your bedtime, etc.  Then list all the reasons not to.  When you look back at that list each day, you'll see that the reasons to keep to your program outweigh the reasons not to.  It's a wake-up call in your own words."

"I think our clients sometimes forget what it is they are fighting for," explains Val Fiott.  "Your PPT program isn't just there to help you look better and have greater sex appeal, but to improve your memory, to keep you out of the hospital, and to keep your muscles and joints working without fail into old age.  Why let your body's mechanics slowly fall apart when they don't fully have to?  Our programs, when followed in each discipline, keep our clients energetic, relatively pain-free and strong throughout the aging process.  Those are huge reasons to stay the course!"

Are you not yet benefitting from a personalized PPT health and wellness program?  Request your free consultation and in-home fitness screening at, or request to meet with a nutritionist, massage therapist, Yoga instructor, or behavioral health coach for an initial meeting.  Our advanced services provide incredible fitness & wellness results relying on science, practicality and caution.

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