Monday, September 29, 2014

How Healthy Is Your Nutrition?

"I eat healthy."

It's a common quote from many Americans with great intentions.  But, how do you know if your nutritive decisions are really what your body needs each day, and not working against you?

Our team want you to be your healthiest!  The nutritionists and health coaches at Perfect Personal Training have come up with the five most important questions to ask yourself when determining the health value of your dietary decisions:

1.  Are you consuming appropriate proteins?  Every body needs protein throughout the day, and everyone's needs are unique based on body weight, body composition, activities, medical concerns and other factors.  Most Americans consume either far too much or far too little protein, creating problems for their metabolism, strength, energy levels, and body composition (fat to muscle ratio).

2.  Are you eating organic?  Organic foods are always important for better health and reduced exposure to toxins.  They are especially important when the type of food you're eating does not contain some sort of shell or outer layer that is not eaten.  For example, if you're buying bananas or nuts, it's helpful to buy organic.  But it's even more critical when you're buying something like milk, which you consume directly and with no outer barrier.

3.  Is your fat intake appropriate for your weight?  For decades, people generally selected low-fat foods in the hopes that this would reduce their own body's fat stores.  This strategy was good for some and bad for others.  Over the past two decades, the tide has turned to minimize carbohydrate intake and emphasize healthy fats, sometimes leading to overconsumption.  While it is healthy to consume the right kinds of dietary fat with each meal or snack, getting the right amount is equally important.

4.  Are you consuming anti-inflammatory foods?  Let's face it:  Inflammation is well within us.  Our bodies produce inflammatory responses to help protect us, but the end result also elevates our risks for diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart attack.  An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle go a long way in reducing systemic inflammation and keeping us healthier and living longer, more productive lives.

5.  Are you consuming the right amounts of fruits and vegetables?  Studies continue to show that most are just not getting the recommended number of servings per day of these important foods.  Depending upon your age, gender and activity level, you likely need between four and seven servings per day to truly give your body what it needs for "brain food", energy levels, heart health, joint health, and much more.

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