Sunday, September 21, 2014

3 Big Reasons You're Not Losing Fat

Bodyfat loss isn't nearly as mysterious as we often think it is.

99 times out of 100, those who "can't lose weight" aren't suffering from serious medical or hormonal issues that are serving as obstacles. Rather, they don't have the right exercise prescription and meal planning taking place.

The team of fitness science experts and health coaches at Perfect Personal Training are working around the clock to deliver you the most cutting-edge weight management tools and strategies for safer, smoother fat loss and wellness.  Below are the THREE MOST COMMON REASONS that our research shows for arrested weight loss:

#1.  Your exercise's "FITT" principles aren't ideal:  FITT stands for the frequency, intensity, time and type of your exercise selections.  When you're performing cardio exercise, its FITT principles need to be ideal.  The same goes for strength training, stretching, etc.  Without these key specifics, your body has very little reason to shed the excess pounds.  "Hard work", on its own, just won't do the trick for long.
#2.  Your protein and fat needs aren't aligning with your bodyweight and exercise levels.  While many Americans report eating the right quantity of total proteins and fats each day, it is rare that these are well-timed and combined properly.  For example, you may accurately determine that your body needs 400 calories from protein per day to grow muscle and build a healthy metabolism.  But, if those calories come predominantly from just one or two meals, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to burn more bodyfat and take better care of those valuable muscles!

#3.  And, your exercise program needs to involve a truly fat-burning plan of action, with heart-rate spikes, varying intervals and different training strategies when appropriate for your fitness and progression.  While many people gravitate toward the exercises that they enjoy and simply focus on general higher-intensity work, there are many more variables to consider when putting together a fitness strategy for safe but rapid fat loss.  Not yet a PPT client?  Be sure to request your free in-home consultation and fitness screening with a Perfect Personal Trainer by visiting  Are you already a client but not quite where you wish to be?  Reach out to Client Services Director Val Fiott at (877)698-3648 ext 7018, and he'll be happy to help insure your success in your PPT program.

Have a Safe and Healthy New Week!

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