Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Your Last Diet Didn't Work!

Weight loss programs are not created equal!
Losing bodyweight is, essentially, a fairly simple thing to do.  Just cutting calories and moving more will usually reduce weight as the body uses fat, and often muscle tissue, for fuel.
What makes for a top weight loss program, however, is more than simple and temporary weight loss.  It should spike metabolic change, reduce fat stores without muscle tissue loss, and provide nourishment for the body to reduce inflammation and make blood sugar levels more ideal.  By feeding the body with what it truly needs, energy is higher, exercise capacities are greater, and long-term health is improved rather than reduced (as is the case with many commercial weight loss plans).  Safety and long-term efficiency should be as paramount as the quick reward!
"PPT's meal planning goes beyond the norm," explains Patrick Liddle, Perfect Personal Trainer and PPT nutritionist.  "Our meal plans are personalized based on each client's unique needs and lifestyle. That's what makes them so helpful and lasting."
But what's wrong with most diet plans?  "The problem with the everyday commercialized diet is that it doesn't prepare the body to keep the bodyfat off once it's gone, " explains Client Services Director, nutritionist and health coach Val Fiott.  "Without steps to improve metabolism and preserve muscle tissue, the excess weight is likely going to return.  The right exercise program combined with the right meal planning strategy won't let that happen."
"There is usually a lot of focus on making healthy food selections," continues Liddle.  "That's great for lifespan but eating healthy won't always bring the weight down - you have to choose the right amounts of what you're having."
So how do PPT's meal plans differ from the major commercial groups?
"Our fat loss services are very ambitious," explains Fiott.  "We're not just aiming for low-carb options and quick fat loss, but we're setting up the body to operate more optimally.  We're normalizing blood sugars, feeding the muscles, reducing inflammatory responses and even showing our clients how to have quick, convenient meals while in the middle of a busy day.  Most even report feeling 'full' after one of these low-calorie meals.  Best of all, meal planning is provided complimentary to our regular exercise clients!"
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