Monday, October 1, 2018

Weight Loss Is Easy If You Just.....

The fast-paced summer (and boiling hot, for most of us) is over and it's time to get back to reality.  Speaking of reality, we think the fall season feels like "Honest Truth" time here at Perfect Personal Training, so its time to dole some out in the hopes of providing that moment of realization and helping you achieve your BEST!

Like the title says, "Weight Loss is Easy".  What makes it hard for people is that they're forgetting some of the basics in the midst of their busy days, and sabotaging their own progress.  So, let's recap the top three things you need to keep in mind when trimming down the excess fat and working toward the amazing body that you deserve:

Weight loss is easy if you just....

#1.  ... Remember that the results of a fitness session only last 1-2 days:

You've just had an excellent fitness training session with your favorite PPT provider.  You're sweaty, you're worn out, and you feel incredibly accomplished.  So, a week off or a little dessert won't hurt you, right?

Wrong.  For most of you, your muscle growth will last no more than two days before atrophy sets in and you start to lose those valuable gains.  Your metabolism, while super high right now, is going to be dropping quickly within 8-14 hours or so.  Even blood pressure and heart-health factors will generally only see improvement for about 12-36 hours following a fitness session.

Keep this first point in mind before you skip a session or reach for food that is outside of your meal plan.  We're glad you worked out, but that's not an excuse to stray from your training schedule or your meal plan.

Weight loss is easy if you just....

#2.  .... Accept and do the exercises you don't like.

From stretching to cardio to core training to heavy muscle training, most of our clients have something that they just plain don't want in their programs.  While your trainer knows what you need to take care of your physique and reach your goals, he or she also knows that pushing you into what you hate will only lead to program abandonment.

If you truly want to maximize your program, then be open to all of it:  Yes, the heavy maximum lifts that take so much effort that you complain about.  Yes, the intense 90-second stretch for the muscle group that is limiting your mobility.  Yes, that painstaking cardiovascular effort that bores you so much.  Most of our trainers drop these hated exercises out of your programs to keep you happy, but that's not without its sacrifices.  Embrace even your most=hated and understand that there is a reason for it to be a part of your fitness.

Weight loss is easy if you just....

#3. ... Focus intently on what you're doing.

Your personal trainer can only give the instruction and provide correction.  When your session is taking place, it is up to you to be in the game, focused and clear-headed.  Maximize your movements, stay attentive to your posture and to the verbal cues, and keep your self-reporting honest.  Looking at your trainer before completing your exercise task and saying, "I'm done, that's all I can do" is just plain cheating yourself.  We're trained to know what your intensity should be; let us get you there without stopping short or calling it quits early.  The phone, your hair, and whatever is going on in the next room can and should all wait until your session is over, or at least on break, before you give it your attention.

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