Friday, January 13, 2017

The Science of Starting Small... And Progressing BIG!

Beginning a new health or fitness program is something to be truly proud of.  Change of any kind can be emotionally difficult, but it can be especially personal when it comes to your body and your self-image. Besides, making physical exertion a regular part of your life is a challenge when you're not yet used to it.

Americans have also spent our lives being inundated with erroneous information:  From "sit-ups burn belly fat" to "arthritis can't be reversed", the major media, the medical world and the fitness industry are all guilty of bad information that's left you misled and less confident.

But here is the good news:

When you're new to something, you need to start small at first.

And, decades of deep study has shown top professionals like those at Perfect Personal Training exactly what "starting small" should really look like in terms of exercise decision-making.  After all, if you exercise too heavily too soon, or if you choose exercises that don't add up properly, then the likelihood of injury is high and the likelihood of success is low.  That's no way to go!

So, while the value of a fitness instructor or health/wellness coach may seem like it's to simply make sure you exercise when you plan to, there is actually much more to the equation for success:

  • We're constantly evaluating each body part's level of fitness and need for programmatic change.
  • We're determining the most appropriate strategies given the time you have.  
  • We're assessing when your joints, muscles and energy systems need new stimuli. 
  • We're modifying movements to correct those little idiosyncrasies that affect your daily living.
  • And most of all, we're listening to your wants and needs.

In a time of year when many are starting small but thinking BIG, we encourage your confidence and assure you that each step you take towards success is a well-crafted one.  Request your free in-home consultation and fitness assessment with a PPT professional in your area and earn the body you deserve!

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"We are always here to help!"

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