Friday, January 17, 2014

5 More Physical Losses You Can't Blame On Age

While no human or animal was meant to live forever, there are many negative attributes to the aging process  that truly don't have age to blame on age.  In the follow-up to last year's blog post, here are yet another five physical losses that you can't blame on age!
#1 - Slowed Metabolism:  Initially, metabolism was thought to lower as a byproduct of aging.  This mentality came about because sustaining metabolism is associated with sustaining muscle mass, which is rare in the elderly.  However, our bodies show no mechanical component which atrophies muscle tissue due to age.  Rather, most adults (even the very active ones) haven't crafted a wellness program that's scientifically sound.  This lets their muscle tissue atrophy and their metabolism fall unnecessarily.

#2 - Memory & Mental Clarity Loss:   Loss of mental ability and memory aren't a byproduct of aging, but of missing nutrient components and of less-than-ideal cardiovascular work.  Giving the body just what it needs for daily nutrition, hydration, sleep, and cardiovascular training while avoiding injury will generally prevent the loss of mental focus that people often blame on the aging process.
#3 - Poor Posture:  The muscles and bones of the spine do not contain a ticking timebomb!  Like all muscles, joints and bones, our spinal columns will maintain their abilities as long as our exercise, sleep, hydration and nutrition factors tell them to do so.  Missing vital components to maintain these areas will usually result in poor posture and other health threats during the aging process, but not because of the aging process.
#4 - Poor Balance:  While balance deficits can occur for those of all ages, they're usually more common in the elderly due to years of less-than-adequate lifestyle.  The muscles and systems that make up our balance abilities don't inherently wander off due to aging, but they do require consistent upkeep tp keep them from doing so.  While core exercise, vestibular development challenges, joint maintenance, daily hydration and spatial awareness can all be maintained throughout aging, they rarely are, making the elderly population usually more susceptible to losing their balance.  This is especially concerning because falls can be so debilitating or life-threatening. (877)698-3648

#5 - Loss Of Height:  While most Americans lose between one and three inches of height after age 40, this is another lifestyle-attributed problem as opposed to one that is a necessary part of aging.  Appropriate calcium and vitamin D, appropriate strength training for the right muscle groups, and the right quality and quantity of sleep and water intake will keep you from shrinking as the years go by. Additionally, you'll have stronger bones and better balance as a result, minimizing risk of injury.
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