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5 Physical Losses You Can't Blame On Age

5 Physical Losses
You Can't Blame On Age
We've been conditioned to believe that the aging process has to be accompanied by reduced comfort and quality of life.  But, what many consider to be common knowledge is actually an antiquated perception of what the aging process really is. Below are five of the most common complaints surrounding aging and physical loss that don't have to happen if we don't let them!
#1.  Arthritis: Let's start with the most prevalent.  As we posted in a recently on this blog, preventing arthritis comes down to having a strong exercise science and nutrition plan in place, providing the joints with just what they need to stay healthy.  Sleep, stress, and hydration also play vital roles, but with a personalized PPT wellness plan in place, your joints' integrities will be well-guarded against arthritic pains.  Generally healthy living isn't quite enough (and often involves decisions that worsen arthritis rather than help it), but a calculated program will protect cartilege and keep the muscle function around them strong.
#2.  Dementia:  While this may surprise you, dementia prevention very greatly involves cardiovascular conditioning at the appropriate intensity and duration, a solid nutrition science protocol, and an ACSM-driven strength program.  As with arthritis, sleep quality, sleep quantity, and Additionally, regular massage care and daily flexibility conditioning help to eliminate toxin build-up and improve circulation, keeping the mind healthy.
#3. Muscle Loss (Atrophy): No, losing significant muscle tissue is not part of the normal aging process.  While it's true that hormone changes make it more of an effort to sustain muscle, the truth is that most Americans don't adhere to the kind of wellness program that will keep muscles from atrophy.  If you're not yet a PPT client, then your muscles are missing out on helpful opportunities to grow strong and stay strong.
#2.  Bone Loss:  Osteopenia and osteoporosis (also called "brittle bones disease") are costly, painful, and risky to one's health, and are often the precursors to fractures and loss of mobility and quality of life.  They are also barriers to more productive exercise for heart conditioning and other important wellness factors.  What many lose sight of is that loss of bone mineral density is only "normal" because we let it be.  An appropriate strength program, accompanied by proper sleep and nutrition, will prevent bone mineral loss.  PPT's rich history has seen many clients reverse their osteoporotic conditions smoothly and safely, even in their 70s and 80s.  Why risk a fracture when you don't need to?
And, of course, we have the big one:
#1.  Weight Gain:  Scientifically speaking, storing more body fat is not a normal part of aging physiology.  While our hearts and other organs can't last forever, our muscle-to-fat ratio does not have to change if the right strategy is firmly in place.  Many tend to let their muscle tissue, resting metabolism, and other physical factors deteriorate due to a lifestyle that isn't necessarily "risky" but that isn't very productive either, which slowly gains body fat (usually about one pound per year, on average, for most adults) unnecessarily.  Regular body composition assessments and a clinically-crafted personalized PPT regimen will keep your bodyweight in a healthy range for the rest of your life!

There is a lot of information here that we'd like to help you understand on a more precise and personalized basis. Are you not yet a PPT client? It all starts with a free in-home consultation and fitness assessment from a top Perfect Personal Trainer and health coach.  Request yours today at

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