Monday, February 14, 2011

In Home Personal Trainer Tells Doctor The BMI Scale Is No Good

People are rightfully concerned about achieving a healthy body, but with all the misleading infomercials and pieces of data out there, one of the most misleading may be from your own doctor.

In Home Perfect Personal Trainer Aaron Dunn recently put together a press release telling physicians that the use of the BMI scale is outdated and, often, contraintuitive to fitness and wellness.

Primarily, a situation that we see too often is this:  Patient sees doctor and has BMI (body mass index) assessed, doctor says BMI is too high to be healthy, patient improves exercise and nutrition.

So far so good, right?

Well, here is the next step.  This is where things turn ugly.

The patient's new efforts will lose, let's say, 5 pounds of bodyfat.  And, the strength training, improved nutrition, and other associated factors will create 5 additional pounds of muscle and bone density.

Now what?  This patient has the same body weight as he or she did previously.  So, what does that do to his or her BMI?

The BMI stays the same, because it is a ratio of height to weight.

Well, what happens when the patient returns to the doctor to see how he is improving?

Read more at this link below.  This is a tremendously repeating scenario that DOES have a cure.  Please read the press release below to gain a life-changing understanding of your weight management efforts.

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