Saturday, June 4, 2016

5 Most Common Fitness Mistakes

Tired of exercising with minimal results?

Or, have you fallen victim to sore joints or muscle injuries as a result of exercise?

Below are five of the most common mistakes that are slowing down your progress!

#5:  Inaccurate cardiovascular conditioning

For the masses, cardio-respiratory conditioning is rarely handled accurately.  While the body improves from 20 or more minutes of moderate-to-high intensities on most days of the week, many people exercise either too intensely or too lightly, or for too short of periods.  Others simply don't meet the weekly requirements of four or more days per week.

Depending upon your health history, your body composition and lung capacity, your own required numbers for success may differ.  But, in general, your program should be written to incorporate the right frequency and durations, with varying intensity of approximately 60-85% of your capacity (less for beginners, more for the more advanced.)

#4:  Poor stretching habits

Muscular stretching is absolutely critical to your success, even if you're already flexible.  However, most aren't stretching for long enough periods, at the right intensities, or frequently enough to keep the joints and muscles limber and healthy.  Hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds, preferably longer, and be sure to incorporate all major muscles after every workout.  (There are far more recommendations that vary on an individual basis, and we're happy to show you just what's best for your body.)

#3:  Too little attention to back muscles

Perfect Personal Training is known for making tremendous change in our clients' physiques, and part of that involves paying the right attention to every muscle group.  Generally, back muscles are trained either too infrequently, too lightly, or both.  For others, only certain back muscles see appropriate training, whereas others see too little.

#2:  Short warm-ups

Warming up prior to exercise involves a slow, gradual increase of the heart rate from a comfortable resting point to an aggressive rate that will be sustained through exercise.  This change should transition slowly over at least 5-10 minutes (more for beginners or for those with poor fitness or health).  Additionally, the warm-up is BEST when it incorporates all major muscles and deep, smooth breathing,  Jumping into moderate-to-high-intensity work is not only dangerous, but it reduces your ability to train optimally.  Why close doors to success that you don't have to?

#1:  Muscle control

Conditioning the muscles is a critical part of life. Exercise your muscles with smooth, healthy movements.  Engage a full motion with every exercise and keep solid control over your musculature.  Pounding, high-impact movements generally don't belong in the muscular-conditioning phase of your exercise regimen, as muscles are better improved with cautious biomechanics.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Movements

Healthy aging means more to us than minimizing prescription drug dependence.  At PPT, we consider healthy aging to mean sustained mobility, strong energy levels and pain-free day-to-day comfort.

After all, there are plenty of examples of those who maintain their independence well into their 90s, while many others lose their independence in their 60s or 70s - sometimes even sooner,

So, what are the secrets?  While lifestyle choices go well beyond the scope of this blog, we'd like to present five key ways to prevent mobility from slipping away over time:

  • Hip flexibility:  While its important to keep every muscle at its flexible norm, the hips are especially important to keep mobile.  Not only do they aid in our most important movements, but they're among the first muscles to truly suffer, generally due to prolonged sitting and limited range-of-motion when they do see use.  Your PPT professional should be testing and stretching these muscles at appropriate intervals to ensure they don't begin to decline.
  • Core strength:  The "core" muscles consist of the midsection - low back, lateral muscles, abdominals and hips.  When these muscles maintain their health, they prevent both balance problems as well as postural deficits.  These leads to a smaller likelihood of back problems, falls or reduced range of motion when walking or stair-climbing and even keeps the bones of the spinal column stronger. Your PPT provider uses your time with us to keep these muscles contracting appropriately and preventing atrophy that is common to aging.
  • Aerobic capacity:  This is the measure of your heart and lung maximal ability for work.  While aerobic capacity does show an inherent decrease with age, the rate at which this change takes place can be greatly minimized with the right program.  There are many specifics but in general, appropriate programs require five days/week of conditioning at ideal intensities and intervals.
  • Postural health:  Keeping the proper posture means more than "standing up straight".  The muscles that keep your posture need the right training to make their synergy be what its meant to be and to prevent knots and similar obstacles.  While there are many steps to this, achieving healthy posture makes for stronger body mechanics and improved mobility even in very advanced years.  Your PPT program should involve appropriate exercise decisions that correct imbalances and decrease likelihood for pain, tightness or atrophy.
  • Stride length:  Every one of the items above is a contributor to the length of your walking stride, as well as to the mechanics of your gait.  As your stride length decreases, so can the factors above, and vice versa.  It is helpful to have your stride length monitored annually (or more frequently if you're a senior citizen) to keep it long and strong and to prevent its shortening. 
We hope you find these five keys to maintaining healthy movements helpful!  There are many more details and personal specifics to be addressed with each of these, and we would love to help you gain a better understanding.  

Just call Client Services department at (877)698-3648 ext 7018 or reply to a PPT email to be forwarded to that department.  

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Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Reasons Why You'll Look Amazing This Summer

You have every reason in the world to look and feel your best this summer!  
After all, you'll be traveling, perhaps by the water, doing physical things...

You'll see people you don't often see...

You'll be at major events....

You're sure to want more energy, right?
So, what's stopping you?

What's keeping you from burning off every undesired inch?

What's preventing you from having a strong posture, toned muscles and a ton of energy?

Before you come up with reasons why you can't, we're going to provide the three big reasons why you positively can:

#1.  You have access to some of the most knowledgeable exercise & health coaches in the industry!  
Your exercise time is precious!  Why waste a minute?  Make your time exercising as effective and as safe as possible with the combined power of your PPT personal fitness trainer and Perfect Personal Training's clinical team of degreed, accredited & certified experts.

#2.  It's not just the exercise itself, but your lifestyle that makes the difference:  This refers to more than just drinking water and trying to "move more".  PPT will create 20 or more tangible suggestions to keep your daily decisions nurturing your fitness goals between workouts, with the specifics that make the difference! 

#3.  With
 thousands of tremendous client successes under our belt, each success story boils down to one critical factor:  Meal planning!
Serious results sometimes involve more than just healthy eating and reducing portion size.  With added advantages such as nutrient timing, protein requirements, and specifics involving types of dietary fat and quantites of carbohydrates, you can give yourself the edge that you may need to get through to the next goal.

The choice is always yours, but if you're willing to learn more about a detailed PPT meal plan then your successes will absolutely soar - and you'll look & feel better than you probably ever have before.
Get the most out of your PPT fitness & wellness program!

Reach Client Services Director Val Fiott at (877)698-3648 ext 7018 to discuss any of these topics and to get the help you deserve.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Procrastination vs Eye on the Prize

There are those who can't wait to get closer to their goals.
And there are those who can't bring themselves to make their dreams a reality.

Let's face it:  We all have fitness or wellness goals that we'd like to achieve, don't we?  If you're already at an ideal body composition and weight, then you likely have other goals that you're working on:  Perhaps you're not getting the 5 days of recommended cardiovascular training each week, or your muscles aren't getting enough exercise volume to keep your bones, metabolism and joints healthy for the long run.  Or, perhaps nutrition is short on the recommendations for vegetable or protein intake.

Whatever your goal, it takes inspiration to make it come to fruition.  So the question is, are you inspired?

Procrastination is the result of viewing your exercise time as an unhappy, unexciting time, acute time. But, that's not really what it is, is it?  After all, each session you complete is another huge step forward!

Remember what your goals will lead to: For example, "I want to lose twenty pounds" just sounds like work... Boring work, frankly,  But that goal might really mean, "I want to have a better sex life and feel more confident." Or, "I want to build muscle" might be more about posture, confidence and energy than it is about the muscles themselves.

After all, we don't seek out fitness and wellness for the sake of themselves, but rather to use them as  keys to better quality living.

Think of the energy you can have each day.

Think of the calmness you'll feel when you're thinner, stronger and healthier all-around.

Imagine looking your best on the boat or when you're traveling this summer.

Maintain a level of  health that minimizes risk for hospitalization in older age

Make a promise to yourself to no longer think of your fitness sessions as "workouts", but rather as steps toward (insert your goal here)

So perhaps you're not just "trying to build muscle" anymore, you're improving metabolism and strengthening the heart & lungs

And, it's not just "weight loss" that you're really after, but a descreased risk for heart disease, arthritis & cardiovascular problems

Our actions can only be as strong as our intentions!  Remembering the big picture of what you're accomplishing is the key to enjoying your fitness program, staying the course, and building an inspiration to succeed.  Remember, you deserve the BEST life possible!  Invest in YOU and keep your eye on the prize!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

3 Easy Ways To Burn More Calories!

We all know how hard it can be to find time for exercise.

So, why waste a second of the time you can invest?

Our belief is simple:  Make the most of your exercise time, and don't miss opportunities to BURN MORE CALORIES!

#1.  Don't count.  Listen!  While it's always good to have a guide, the actual number of repetitions performed in strength training isn't as important as you might think.  Sometimes that "magic number" is higher than what the body really wants and sometimes it's too low.  Depending on your health and goals, we'll help you determine whether you should be exhausting your muscles for more calorie burning or stopping to move on to something more productive.

#2.  Manage your rest periods.  Not all rest is created equal.  While the body's systems need recovery, too much will damage your training and too little will prevent your next exercise from being as calorie-burning as it could be.  There are many parameters determining the time for adequate rest between muscle training sets or cardio intervals, and we'd love to apply them to your health and fitness plan.

#3.  Plan your meals effectively.  Not only will this keep off excess calories from food, but it will help you to burn more when you train.  Proteins, carbohydrates and fats all have roles to play in your exercise.  They'll do their jobs beautifully with the right intake.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Perceived Limitations

Human will is fascinating, isn't it?  When you're deeply inspired, you find the energy and the drive to overcome any obstacle.  Whether in school, in your job, or in reaching a new phase of life, being accomplished really boils down to being motivated.  For the most part, it can be that simple.

But, some won't let that inspiration develop... Some people, and perhaps this is you, have trouble letting their dreams flourish into reality due to perceived limitations about life, happiness, and who they really are.

Essentially, we all feel some ability to predict our future: We feel some connection between who we are now and who we will be.  In terms of fitness, losing weight, firming up and becoming sexy just doesn't feel like it can be a reality for some people... It doesn't feel like them; it doesn't feel like home.  Rather, many have come to think of existence as a series of limits.

"I'll never look like that."                    "I could never have that kind of energy."

"I'll never be rich."                              "I'll always be fat."

Do you catch yourself thinking these things?  It's these limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward and living the life that you were born to live.  It's that "same stuff, different day" type of thinking that prevents people from achieving, and keeps them stuck in the mud of who they think they are and always have to be,

For our friends throughout the country who are questioning how successful they can be in fitness and heath, I'd just like to leave you with a few reminders:

  • You can be as fit and healthy as you'd like, as long as you're willing to follow the plan to get there
  • Happiness, energy and sex appeal are yours for the taking, for a better life!
  • Each accomplishment will open doors to exciting, new possibilities!
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blog written by Val Fiott, Director of Operations and Client Services

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fast Solutions to Problem Areas

Life's too short to feel less-than-awesome.

Do you find yourself feeling diminished by the less-attractive parts of the your body?

Whether it's arm flab, belly-bulge, a big butt or saggy features, problem areas can rob you of your daily happiness and sex appeal.

On one hand, it's important to love yourself, no matter what you look like.  On the other, it's time to get healthier and address your "problem areas" once and for all!

"The term problem areas usually refers to areas of excess bodyfat", explains Brian Walters, exercise physiologist and long-time staff manager with Pefect Personal Training.  "Sometimes, the term refers to a particular lack or normal musculature.  Example of this are very skinny legs or arms, or poor posture."

So, what is the fastest way to solve these problems?

"First, it's best to identify what the problem really is," begins Val Fiott, health coach, PPT director and regular contributor for the American Council on Exercise. "It's not always obvious whether the solution is fat loss, muscle growth, or both.  Flabby arms, for example, really don't require the conditioning of those muscles, but rather a fat-loss solution, as the flab is excess bodyfat."

But don't we need to tone muscles in problem areas?

"It's helpful, but it's not always the key solution. The muscles, themselves, aren't the big problem when it comes to flabby or saggy areas," continues Fiott.  "Rather, we need to burn the fat that surrounds them."

"One thing we'd like our clients to know is that the ability to spot-reduce is a myth," explains Walters.  "Exercise won't melt fat in one specific area.  Fat loss happens throughout the body."

So what do we do with problem areas that require fat loss?

"The bad news is that we can't isolate where we burn fat," begins Fiott.  "The good news is that when we're using the right formulas, we can burn a lot of fat in a short time, throughout all areas of the body that have excess fat.  In short, if there's unslightly, unnecessary bodyfat in any given part of your body, we can burn it off with the right PPT program, consisting of meal planning, cardiovascular exercise, strength conditioning, and flexibility."

A common, general starter plan for healthy adults is outlined as follows:
  • At least 30 minutes of pain-free cardiovascular exercise (swimming, elliptical, biking preferred) four or more times weekly, at approximately 60-70% of your maximum heart-rate (determined through testing)
  • At least one warm-up set of strength exercise for each muscle group at a low intensity (to approximately 15 reps), followed by at least one moderate-to-high intensity set for each muscle group (approximately 8-15 repetitions to fatigue)
  • generally 1200-1500 calories per day, depending upon body size and exercise volume (protein specifics, fat specifics and nutrient timing all assessed by PPT)
  • 30 seconds or more of flexibility per muscle group following exercise 
And, what about those who have low muscle in particular areas?

"Generally speaking, a person will benefit from total-body strength training, " begins Walters. "But, if they don't have the time or the commitment, we can write a plan to target mainly the muscles that are weaker than normal.  Usually, just once or twice per week for about 15 minutes will produce moderate results if the client has good heart health and if their joints are flexible and strong enough to support the required movements."

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